The best ways to add value to your home

Don’t waste time and money on ill-conceived projects. Check out the top 10 home improvements that will pile money into your bricks and mortar.

Build an extension
The right sort of extension done well can make an ordinary house come to life. The key is adding a room that creates an impression of a large, light ground-floor space – something that really lifts the property. A utility room extension may be useful, but it’s probably not going to clinch a deal.

Knock the living and dining room into one
Today’s buyers look for light, airy spaces. So this can prove to be a great asset. Don’t worry too much about the small number of people who may be put off by having the one room.


Smarten up the front
This is so obvious it can get overlooked. As the property’s exterior is the first and last thing people see, it makes sense to neaten up the front garden and give the door a fresh lick of paint – a contemporary colour and door accessories can make a real difference to that lasting impression.

Convert the loft
You can gain additional space without the upheaval of moving. So long as your street appeals to families and the number of rooms upstairs and downstairs balance out, this should be a good investment too.

Create off-road parking
Almost all buyers are looking for easy parking space. So if there’s a definite lack of parking on your street it’s worth foregoing the front garden and putting down a driveway.

Fit a new kitchen
If you’re going to do just one thing to your property, do this. Depending on how modern your kitchen is you may be able to get away with minimal renovations, such as new worktops and tiles. But if it’s a bit a dated, you’re better off replacing the whole thing. Fitting a new kitchen


Lay new flooring
Clean, unfussy, neutral-coloured carpets or wooden floors are what buyers look for and they are relatively inexpensive too. Old fashioned, wildly patterned or tatty carpets are not a good look and won’t do anything to help sell your house

Install a new bathroom
Changing bathroom fittings means cost and hassle in any buyer’s eyes. So if your suite is old, they could be put off your property. Buying a reasonably priced modern white suite and splashing out a bit more on taps and professional tiling could make all the difference.


Add central heating
A property without central heating is almost impossible to sell. Many buyers won’t want the hassle of fitting it themselves and would expect to pay £8,000 to £10,000 less than for similar properties with central heating. So paying the money to install it is definitely worth doing.

Improve the garden
This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. £100 or so at the garden centre and a few weekends’ work can achieve some amazing results – especially if done several months before you want to sell, so the plants have time to grow.